How to Grow a 100 year old Forest

Obviously, you can’t literally grow a century-old forest in just a decade, but by mimicking nature’s forest-building process, it’s possible to kickstart your own mini-forest.

When you do please make not to use GMO plants and native to your country plants.


Airplane instead of log cabin

This man lives in a airplane in the woods…How cool is that? I like it because no trees needed to be cut down in order to buy a log cabin…;)…And should you do it please do not cut down trees as we need every tree on earth as we have lost over 50% of the world’s forests already…And without trees we will have no oxygen amongst other things….

Wings can be taken off btw 😉


Trees for the Future

Three generations of the Ramos family stand next to part of their tree nursery in their community in the Philippines. Deforestation and rural poverty are huge problems throughout the developing world, and our forest-garden approach helps solve both of them in the areas where it’s implemented, since integrating trees into farms helps take pressure off of native forests while also providing food and income to farmers. Planting trees, changing the planet:



Think before you cut down a Tree

A Tree stores carbon dioxide for his lifetime.He produces oxygen in order for every creature to breathe.He keeps the earth temperature cool.He locks water and prevents flooding. HE gives shelter and nesting for plenty of animals and provides food for millions of microbes. A tree is the oldest living organisms on earth – some species can age thousands of years…Before you cut down a Tree think about this….Many people cut down trees (like one standing in a road like the one in the picture did) because it obstructs their view. Ha, ha…who would cut down a Tree to exchange the view of a tree in front of them to see more of concrete, houses, cars and people? And the leaves dropping onto your car? “Come on you can’t be serious? “Yes it can be a bit shady sometimes. But then get out of the house, get some fresh air and/or do some exercise outdoors- it will do you good.And the good old argument that your device signals aren’t good enough because there is a tree in front? Well I moved a lot in my life and let me b tell you that houses interfere much more with your reception than a tree does…After all, the tree was standing there much longer than you have lived there. …I’m sure there are a few more reasons that ‘you’ could come up with to cut a tree down…But ‘think’ before you do it if it is really neccessary….Our forests diminish at a fast rate and we indeed rely on every single tree to give us oxygen and to store carbon dioxide ..


Trees are Essential to Human Wellbeing

I can’t agree more! From genetic diversity to food and fodder, trees are a vital for the whole planet. Across the world, forests, trees on farms, and agroforestry systems play a crucial role in the lives of animals and plants that depend on trees, livelihoods of rural people by providing employment, energy, nutritious foods and also a wide range of other goods and ecosystem services. They have tremendous potential to contribute to sustainable development and to a greener economy….But also ‘no trees- no lives on earth.We ‘must’ stop illegal deforestation and deforestation in general and use alternatives such as fast growing woods, bamboo and hemp.This and the replanting of forests for human use like the organization ‘Trees for the future ‘ does is the only way to go if we desire a survival as a species on this planet…

Woodpeckers heal sick Trees

Did you know that woodpeckers help to save the trees? They only make holes in sick parts of trees and the location where the hole is and the combination of nesting material they use will trigger the healing process inside the tree after the breeding season is over (unless a grey squirrel occupies the hole which will start to destroy the tree again).


Northern Flicker (Colapses Aurarus) by Keith Williams