Hemp as a wood substitute

Hemp (not the drug version) can be used for various products for which we need to cut down our life essential trees for.The technology has been there for a very long time but to make the same products out  of hemp that we make out of wood is a bit more expensive so we must be prepared to pay more at the beginning until the demand is high enough to reduce the costs. …Which will inevitable happen when enough people have realised that we can’t continue to use wood and deforest….




Hemp cars

Hemp cars


Now….there is obviously no sane reason to have not everything we need from wood to be replaced with hemp and/or bamboo other than the human ego to have satisfaction in living the illusion to ‘be someone ‘ in the mass by using standard material (like everybody else) and the human ego that ignores stuff and is too lazy or has no confidence to put pressure on the world’s manufacturers by continuing to ask in shops for hemp or bamboo products or just to but them online. ..




Hemp as Biomass Producer

Hemp is a beautiful plant that can be a substitute for nearly all products for which we usually need wood for. I am talking about the form if hemp that cannot be used  as a drug!

Hemp is a biomass resource which can produce 10 tons per acre in month time. ..Please read more :