Hemp as a wood substitute

Hemp (not the drug version) can be used for various products for which we need to cut down our life essential trees for.The technology has been there for a very long time but to make the same products out  of hemp that we make out of wood is a bit more expensive so we must be prepared to pay more at the beginning until the demand is high enough to reduce the costs. …Which will inevitable happen when enough people have realised that we can’t continue to use wood and deforest….




New Technique to Create Bamboo Furniture

There are quite a few companies around the globe who make beautiful bamboo furniture and I’ve chosen this one as the furniture has a very modern touch and as I want to make bamboo furniture more tasteful to the people who usually spend their money on posh looking tree furniture. Bamboo can indeed look better than any teak, oak or cheddar furniture…Please feel free to scroll further down and to read more about bamboo…


mb-330x426 mb3-330x213 Tejo-Remy-Rene-Veenhuizen-Strong-Flexible-Bamboo-Chair-1-537x358

Bamboo houses instead of log cabins

Bamboo houses


…should we decide one day to sell our little farm house cottage it will have to be a bamboo house…Not sure yet if a modern one as the the bamboo looks stunning with lots of glass or a simple architecture. ..Beautiful.It can easily replace wood.Moreover bamboo behaves great during earth quakes 🙂









bamboo-house-16 (1) bamboo-house-1 bamboo-house

Bamboo products as substitutes for wood products

Bamboo products as a substitute for wood products (addition to the other previous bamboo posts)


As you can see there are plenty of things are being made of bamboo and I trust that I have made you interested in bamboo with these three posts:

-one why bamboo should be the replacement for many things made out of wood (Bamboo instead of wood)


-two bamboo bicyles for a example


-three this post here


And I trust that you are more conscious now to give wood a miss the next time you buy something.


What in feeling like wearing silk or cashmere and next to wear nothing is of course bamboo clothing 😉 :




Very nice looking flooring and plenty of other bamboo products are also available on the world market


Before you buy ‘anything’ spend a little bit of time to search on the Internet for the same product you are looking for made of bamboo (it only takes a few clicks and to type in a few words).You will be surprised what you can find made of bamboo the looks and quality of it.




by KW

Bamboo Bicycles

Why not purchasing a bamboo bike the next time?


Read here that these are great bikes and moreover bamboo has been used since bikes were born..

I know that I will get some 🙂








IMG_5384003073306 IMG_5380819880513 IMG_5377070386219 IMG_5371266621301

Bamboo instead of Wood

Bamboo instead of wood


Forests are the lungs of the earth… Without trees life on earth is not possible as they give oxygen to breathe and store carbon dioxide.They keep earth cool and slow down flooding as they trap water with their roots. But amongst that they give also shelter, nesting facilities and supply food for various other creatures that earth depends on as every single creature has its purpose and lives in a community…The bigger and taller a tree the more oxygen he will produce and the more carbondioxide he will store…But unfortunately nearly all tall and big ones cannot be regrown as most of them take hundreds or thousand of years to grow…So we have to leave them alone and protect them with everything that grows around them…

Due unconsciousness of human kind forests have began to decline rapidly each year and if we don’t change our way of thinking and change our life style and stop deforestation – human kind will soon be history ….


Hemp for example is a great substitute for many products that trees usually give http://www.designweneed.com/hemp-facts/#

but as the production of these products is slightly more expensive we have to be willed to pay more at the beginning until the production costs can be lowered once the demand has risen…


But we cannot produce luxurious looking and high quality furniture out of hemp as we can from trees like oak, red cheddar, teak etc….

However, there is something that can beat any kind of furniture made of high quality wood in look and quality. ..Which is bamboo. ..

Moreover bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on this planet and it also stores carbon dioxide and gives oxygen (not as much as the tallest trees and the oldest trees of course which is the reason why we must protect them from destruction).


From being a food supply as being used to build bridges, bamboo has many uses and here are some of the ways why it can save animals and humans on this planet.


•Bamboo is a renewable resource, as depending on the species, it takes only 1-5 years before it can be harvested (some species grow more than 3 feet per day) while hardwood like Oak (for example) takes at least 40 years before it can be harvested.

About 1 million acres of forests are lost weekly due worldwide deforestation. By using bamboo as a substitute for hardwood we can dramatically reduce this figure and save and protect the forests that we have got left.

•Like trees, bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide.It does not store as much as carbon dioxide as trees do but it releases about 35 % more oxygen than a equivalent stand of hardwood trees does.


•Once harvested it will not need additional planting or cultivation as a new shoot will grow out of the extensive bamboo root system. Erosion is prevented and the retainment of nutrients for the next crop by the in place remaining bamboo roots after harvesting. So in compare to hardwood forests that have been clear cut, bamboo protects the soil as the stumps of the hardwood are burned to provide fertilizer and space for growing crops.By doing this erosion inevitably occurs as the topsoil and nutrients are washed away by rainfall.

The eroded soil then clogs up rivers and streams and affects the lives of people and animals living downstream.


•Bamboo doesn’t require fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides to thrive on.

Unlike cotton, which is one of the most intensely sprayed crops in the world and which rapidly depletes the nutrients in the soil.


•Bamboo sequesters nitrogen and cultivation does not add chemicals to the environment.


•Bamboo has been used for millenia and is the perfect substitute for wood.It has very littke waste as every part of the plant can be used to make a wide variety of products from.


– paper

– flooring

-road and bridge building


-for medicinal purposes

-promotes fertility in cows

-to build houses and schools

-to make clothes

-to make accessories

-to feed people and animals

-for scaffolding

-to make furniture

-to make rugs

-to make diapers

-to make toys

-to make durable utensils

-to make beer

-to make musical instruments….


From soil enriching mulch to furniture, bamboo can replace the use of wood for nearly every application.


•Bamboo fibers are far stronger than wood fibers and much less likely to warp from changing atmospheric conditions.


•plus: In less developed countries where poor conditions and unemployment leads to civil unrest, bamboo production and the manufacturing of bamboo products provides job opportunities in areas that desperately need social and economic stability.

Growing Bamboo.:


Bamboo can grow in regions where other crops fail to grow (like in arid areas ) and as the roots are being left in place it helps to preserve moisture in the soil.Bambo cm be grown in wetlands and higher mountain areas.


Can bamboo save the planet? Yes if people buying it and give wood a miss…Never forget that the big companies out there rely on demand from customers. ..If less people ask for wood and more for hemp they will change over until the last uncobscious has understood that wood is not the way and buys bamboo…

Below are a few beautiful examples of Bamboo furniture. ..


by KW


IMG_4498698762058 IMG_4495435091056 IMG_4491543955220 IMG_4488608532302 IMG_4484996734300 IMG_4481889052674 IMG_4478753027089 IMG_4474919589795 IMG_4471305157044 IMG_4468263153875 IMG_4463986660083 IMG_4459578355580