How to Grow a 100 year old Forest

Obviously, you can’t literally grow a century-old forest in just a decade, but by mimicking nature’s forest-building process, it’s possible to kickstart your own mini-forest.

When you do please make not to use GMO plants and native to your country plants.


Trees and their stories

Beautifully written article

Over three trillion trees live on planet Earth, and yet we know so few of their stories. Of course all trees play an important role—purifying the air, hosting the feathered and the furry, teaching kids (and kids at heart) how to climb—but some have spent more time doing these things than others. Quiver trees, for example, can live up to 300 years, oaks can live a thousand years, and bristlecone pines and yews can survive for millennia
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Tree hugging is good for health

Everything in the universe contains energy as everything is made of energy.So there is no surprise there that the energy that trees give seem to influence the energy frequency of other living creatures in postive ways.  Another good reason why we must protect all our oldest, tallest and biggest trees…Why not try it yourself? The next time you feel low on energy or emotionally down go into the woods, a park or your garden and spend a little time there sitting, standing or lying next to a tree or by hugging him.And see how you feel afterwards ..


Giant Sequoia

California’s “The President”, a tree so big that it took 126 frames to properly capture its 247 feet of glory. The tree is more than three thousand years old. Can you find all three climbers? Photo by Michael Nichols