Tree planting in Peru

Birds need trees as shelter, food source and nesting place…Many species have been lost or under threat due deforestation. As birds aee essential for life on earth as they act as insect and rodent regulator, pollinatator and seed distributor we rely as much on birds as we rely on trees to exist.By saving trees and replanting Trees and by using bamboo and hemp and wood from fast growing and sustainable trees instead of good and high quality wood,  we safe also birds

Several imperiled ‪‎bird‬ species, including the Royal Cinclodes (pictured), will benefit from a massive tree planting effort in ‪Peru‬ led by ABC partner, Asociacion Ecosistemas Andinos (ECOAN). Over 900 people pitched in to plant over 57,000 trees during a single day, bringing the total number of trees planted to over one million.



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