Tree Planting for birds

Planting 2.25 million native trees across key sites in Central and South America as well as Hawai’i in 2010, ABC and partner groups and communities accelerated a ‪reforestation‬ effort begun in 2001. This work helped expand endangered Polylepis forests in the highlands of southern ‪Peru‬ (pictured) providing critical habitat for many ‪birds‬. ‪20YearsofABC‬



Airplane instead of log cabin

This man lives in a airplane in the woods…How cool is that? I like it because no trees needed to be cut down in order to buy a log cabin…;)…And should you do it please do not cut down trees as we need every tree on earth as we have lost over 50% of the world’s forests already…And without trees we will have no oxygen amongst other things….

Wings can be taken off btw 😉


Forest restored in Costa Rica

A beautiful article to read ♡

Over just a few decades in the mid-20th century, this small country chopped down a majority of its ancient forests. But after a huge conservation push and a wave of forest regrowth, trees now blanket more than half of Costa Rica.

Far to the south, the Amazon forest was once being quickly cleared to make way for farming, but Brazil has slowed the loss so much that it has done more than any other country to limit the emissions leading to global warming.

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