Trees for the Future

These TREES technicians in Cameroon are about to head to the next village on their route to check in on local agroforestry projects. The bags contain seeds, and you tell from their bike’s condition that it’s seen plenty of hard use. During the rainy season, motorcycles are the only reliable transportation in rural areas in much of the country (even donkey carts get stuck in the mud), and our technicians count on their bikes to reach remote villages.







Tree hugging is good for health

Everything in the universe contains energy as everything is made of energy.So there is no surprise there that the energy that trees give seem to influence the energy frequency of other living creatures in postive ways.  Another good reason why we must protect all our oldest, tallest and biggest trees…Why not try it yourself? The next time you feel low on energy or emotionally down go into the woods, a park or your garden and spend a little time there sitting, standing or lying next to a tree or by hugging him.And see how you feel afterwards ..


Trees for the Future

Tejaswi Deepak Ramane lives near the Western Ghats region in India, where her mother (Jyoti Deepak Ramane) started a tree nursery in 2013. The family has already planted 25,000 seedlings of different tree species like Teakwood, Arjun, Shisham, Awala, Hirda and Beheda along with other medicinally important plants. Their hard work helps ensure that Tejaswi and her brother can afford to go to school and have a better life in the future. Planting trees, changing lives:



Trees for the Future

Power your home with clean affordable sunshine and help plant over 2,000 trees. For more information visit our partner page at, scroll down to the right, and click ‘get a free quote today’. Please share this post with your neighbors, and together you’ll help us plant many more seedlings like these. Thanks!



Trees for the Future

In Honduras, Gerardo Santos teaches proper managment techniques for forest gardens, showing how to prune cedrela trees. This row of fast-growing trees will provide wood products for farm families and will shade subsequent layers of subsistence and cash crops. A forest garden is an integrated system! Planting trees, changing lives: