URGENT trees for the future message

A vast amount of bird species depend on trees as they need them for nesting as shelter and food resource as colonies of insects live in and around trees.But moreover we all need trees in order to survive as they produce our oxygen, store carbon dioxide until they die and decay or get burned by us.They restore soil and keep soil healthy for other creatures to thrive on and act as waterlog to prevent flooding. And they keep earth cool.A tree is as cheap as 10 cents and the Organization ‘Trees for the Future’ has planted over 80 million trees since 1989.Its only a tiny fraction that they have replanted as we have cut down over 50% of the world’s forests and if we continue at this speed we will have no forests left in 100 years time (and no creatures).So their work is urgently needed.Their tree planting projects takes the pressure of the remaining trees as it helps farmers to restore soil, to plant sustainable trees that they can use to make a living from and it helps therfore the rest of human population and animals….So by helping them you will help the birds and everyone else. Until Agustín the 23rd their partners will match every donation to 100% up to $15,000 which is a great way to help.Plant your own forest and help thousands of birds to keep their homes by doing this. . http://www.treesforthefuture.org



On Monday we will launch our first annual Plant it Forward Campaign. From July 28-August 23 our partner MODO will match your donation up to $15,000! Join us next week and double your impact by sharing the stories of our partner farmers in Africa and supporting their work!






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