Dictatorship introduction in Tasmania?

There is a thin line in between a peaceful protesting and a forceful one…But there is also a thin line in between stronger laws and introducing dictatorship…
It’s not a way to deal with the fact that trees are essential to live on earth and that these days even a so called tiny loss of a forest will produce a rats tail…

The protesters are correct to do whatever they can to prevent further deforestation as it is the future of their grand children and generations after, that will suffer the loss of forests…But the best way is to turn up on their government’s doorstep regularly, to write letters and maybe even get help from other countries in this matter as deforestation has affects outside the county where trees are being cut…It seems that Tony Abbott might get a vast share of money for his doings from the timber industry?

There is a lot of money than can be made otherwise by planting sustainable forests for example which will take the pressure off from the remaining forests.Unless of course there is a more sinister reason why there is such a demand to remove some of these forests…

I say it again, our planet is in desperate need to keep the remaining forests and more deforestation will have a inevitable effects on our climate.


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