Trees for the Future

It can be so easy to stop cutting slow growing trees all together and to leave our remaining forests alone by using all the alternatives we indeed have to replace our wood demand…
Bamboo, hemp (the version that has nothing to do with drugs) and fast growing trees like the Moringa tree are the perfect alternatives.At the moment the manufacturing costs to produce replacement products from hemp are too high because there is not enough demand for it (yet).Please ask for bamboo, hemp and fast growing tree products (like pine) whenever you need a product and also look out for alternatives in shops when you buy simple products.

Trees for the Future:
This Moringa tree is just 2 or 3 weeks old in this photo from March. By now, it’s part of a forest garden like the ones we’ve shown you many times before. It’s amazing that a tiny tree like this can grow taller than a person in just a few months. And as part of a forest garden, it can also change lives. Planting out of poverty:



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