Evil Tree Cutter Mafia

Evil Tree Cutter Mafia

Some of the most evil and dangerous people on earth are illegal tree cutters.In Countries where they can act undetected they carry weapons and do not hesitate to shoot and to kill everyone who comes in their way and tries to stop them from cutting trees as there is a lot of money being paid for wood that is coming from slow growing trees.If needed they shoot at scientists or whoever comes into their way.This wood is then sold to companies who use the wood for products, turning a blind eye to where the wood is coming from and that it is coming from trees who should not been cut down…

In this article below illegal tree cutters take chunks out of redwood trees and sell them on the blackmarket for a lot of money.The damage that has been done to the trees will make the trees sick and inevitably kill them.
And all to satisfy certain people’s ego that they have a piece of redwood in their home.Consudering the price that their grandchildren and great grandchildren will pay – these people and the tree cutters are insane.


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