Trees for the Future

Another beautiful article of this organization who is helping our planet so much by planting more trees and by doing so taking the pressure off from some of the remaining ones.Please do your share and stop buying wood products from slow growing trees.Or better buy products made out of bamboo or hemp (I have plenty of information written on that earlier on in this blog.And of course help to finance trees or at least spread the word. No trees no oxygen, no life on earth…

Once trees have grown to a sufficient size in a nursery, it’s time to transplant them to the fields. In this photo, a lead farmer in one of our projects in Burundi carries a seedling to its new home. Farmers who work with us receive extensive training, learning techniques to share with others in their communities. Each lead farmer becomes a hub for spreading the word about the power of forest gardens to transform the land — and people’s lives.



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