Trees for the future

Again, this organisation is doing a lot to help people and this planet..
.Please support them financially as trees cost money and the people who support them have to live.If you have somewhere a piece of furniture that has been made of good quality wood -you should feel guilty as you have sponsored deforestation by buying it.Please ask on shops in future for products made of bamboo, hemp or fast growing wood.

But if you cannot support the Trees for the Future organisation spread the word.Thank you.The future animals and people of this planet will thank you for it.

We’ve focused on our projects in Africa lately, but Trees for the Future works around the world, including in the Philippines. In this photo, a farmer in the Ricarte family stands near the family cluster’s vegetable garden, showing off recently harvested produce. A group of related families share a forest garden in this community. Planting out of poverty:



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