How to Plant A Tree

I had this article send to me by a friend and find it worth sharing…



Wow there is a lot to learn in regards of planting trees…But the clear message Tracy gives is to `think` what kind of tree and why…Living in harmony with nature does not require too much thought..She thought about the usefullness of a tree for the birds and also a pleasant look and the correct location…Earlier mistakes have been made and the results weren`t nice but they have not been done on intention and she learnt from her mistakes which is the correct way as we cannot grow without making mistakes (no one learns from success ..Thomas Edison would never have made the light bulb without mistakes…)

Thank you Tracy for taking the time to share your experience…I trust your experience will help others who desire also to plant trees

Karin x


Today i planted a tree which i thought was a great idea for Earth Day to remember my special girl ~ Lola. A Rowan Tree or also known as Mountain Ash, I didn’t want it to grow too large so this tree is ideal – it has white flowers then berries for the birds and the leaves are very beautiful and deciduous, so drop for the winter. Ideal for my special spot, always choose a tree carefully and consider where it will grow – I have grown so many tree’s in the wrong situation for the tree being too eager just to plant a tree. I planted 6 Birch tree’s once spread around the garden and when we moved they were at least 30 feet and would grow to 60! Although not wide tree’s, they drop leaves and seeds all other the place and all for the sake of the glorious silver bark that i wanted to see. Another time 6 cherry tree’s which grew so tall and strong, abundant with cherries which we never ate because the birds could reach them and not us without the help of a very tall ladder. Then I thought I bought an ornamental pussy-willow which wasn’t ornamental at all, I took cuttings and grew quite a few and gave them to friends, again when we left we had to cut two down and the rest were well on the way to becoming magnificent over-bearing tree’s lol! So lesson for today on Tree horticulture, take advice on your garden and ask how tall it will grow. Do not ask me at all ~ lots of love Tracy x







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