Bamboo products as substitutes for wood products

Bamboo products as a substitute for wood products (addition to the other previous bamboo posts)


As you can see there are plenty of things are being made of bamboo and I trust that I have made you interested in bamboo with these three posts:

-one why bamboo should be the replacement for many things made out of wood (Bamboo instead of wood)


-two bamboo bicyles for a example


-three this post here


And I trust that you are more conscious now to give wood a miss the next time you buy something.


What in feeling like wearing silk or cashmere and next to wear nothing is of course bamboo clothing 😉 :


Very nice looking flooring and plenty of other bamboo products are also available on the world market


Before you buy ‘anything’ spend a little bit of time to search on the Internet for the same product you are looking for made of bamboo (it only takes a few clicks and to type in a few words).You will be surprised what you can find made of bamboo the looks and quality of it.


by KW


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