We are One

‘We are one’ is a native Indian message. A beautiful short documentary who nails how life on earth is. A big biodiversity which once disturbed will cause a reaction against us as it is us only who disturb this balance. It is beautifully explained that a tree lives in a community with plants and animal around it and once the tree is gone this community will also die or be partially destroyed. (Scientists who study nature are aware of this and when they take a plant sample that needs further study they put it exactly back where they have taken it from.)

We cannot cut the oldest and tallest trees on our planet down because it will have devastating affects on the environment where the tree was but also on the whole planet as each tree stores carbon dioxide inside and acts as a oxygen producer.Their hight and size produce the oxygen needed whichbcannit be reoroduced by smaller plant.And it is also their size and genetical makeup that allows high amounts of carbon dioxide to be stored insite them…So please but only wood that comes from fast growing trees or better products that come from bamboo or hemp…

by KW



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